Mekanika launches Ultra-Fast charging stations for Electric Vehicles – a first for Malta

Gasan Group’s engineering arm, Mekanika Ltd. has launched  Ultra-Fast charging stations for electric vehicles in the Central Business District. This charging station  is a first for Malta and testimony to the Group’s commitment to supporting the local shift to cleaner vehicles. 


During the event, Mr. Mark Gasan, CEO of Gasan Group, explained that the Group felt compelled to support the local infrastructure with top-end technology that guarantees the fastest and safest charging option for owners of EVs. 


“The electrification wave of the automotive market is in full swing with more than 7,500 Electric Vehicles already on the Maltese roads and GasanZammit Motors is a leading part of this change” explained Mr Gasan.  


In collaboration with leading mobility provider Bolt, BYD introduced the BYD E6 model, to the Maltese market through GasanZammit Motors. This new fully electric model,  will be dedicated solely to ride-hailing operators.  


The E6, specifically designed for the requirements of the ride-hailing industry, has achieved a demonstrated success in China with over 36,000 units exclusively using this model, with a range of over 400KM, it is equipped with BYDs class-leading battery technology and over 580 Liters of trunk capacity and is being introduced at a very attractive package to support the ride-hailing industry’s needed shift to electrification.  Buyers opting for this vehicle will also benefit from Eur1,000 worth of credit on charge from the newly launched BYD ultra-fast charging stations and substantial discounts on Bolt fees.   



Mr. Ning, the CEO of the V2Power limited, the energy digital solutions provider that co-designed the ultra-fast charging station said: Ultra-fast charging is not only about the chargers; it represents the future distributed energy infrastructure. To pave the way for the next generation of electric power systems, both electric vehicles (EVs) and the appropriate fast charging infrastructure are essential. So, our partnership strategy is simple, and it is all about the transparency. The transparency is essential for building strong relationships.”


Ryan Mahoney, General Manager at Bolt said: “This collaboration is a part of Bolt’s strategy to boost the share of EVs on our platform and aligns with our mission to help build healthier, people-centric cities with reduced congestion and pollution. Adding fully electric vehicles to our platform is crucial to helping build more sustainable cities. This collaboration is also a testament to our dedication towards drivers and fleets, making EV vehicles more affordable, accessible and cost-effective. This is key in helping to drive down unit economics, thus strengthening the ride-hailing marketplace.”

Stem Award Achievement

Mekanika has been awarded third place in the Best STEM Employer Awards by Esplora.
This award is intended to honour those entities whose work, dedication and commitment has helped bring forward Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in the Maltese Islands.
So a big well done to all of you, as this award could not be achieved without you!
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